About PelliTec – sticks to your footwear not on your skin

PelliTec is a blister prevention pad developed in the United Kingdom and available in the USA.

The patented gel technology within the pad is effective in
reducing the friction which causes blisters and helps them heal.

PelliTec pads will keep you active and free from blisters.

Why PelliTec is so effective

Foot blisters are caused by skin rubbing against a static surface like the inside of a shoe, boot or sneaker. This friction causes the skin layers to separate and fill with fluid. The unique and breathable sandwich construction of PelliTec moves with your foot significantly reducing the friction which causes blisters.

By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear the PelliTec pad works to cushion and protect the affected area wicking away moisture thereby reducing pressure, pain and the risk of infection.

Product trials amongst walkers, athletes, sports players,
dancers and military personnel have been very successful and
a selection of the feedback is included in our Testimonials

Silipos is our trusted distributor based in New York State

PelliTec Testimonials

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How to use PelliTec and stop blisters

The concept behind PelliTec was first developed because the inventors could not find an effective blister treatment amongst those available in their local drugstores. They wanted a product that would reduce friction and eliminate the risk of blisters forming.

This led them to develop the first prototype ‘sandwich’ which included layers that slide over each other thus reducing the friction which causes blisters. Over a number of years this prototype has been developed with Podiatrist input, to include state of the art materials forming the PelliTec product now available.

Silipos  is our trusted distributor based in New York State

PelliTec Product Trial

Futsal (5 a side version of soccer played with a heavier ball) tournament – 50 hours continuous play and a world record.

Eight participants with an age range 18 to 35 were recruited on a voluntary basis. All had a history of blistering, had played futsal previously and were allowed to wear their own style of footwear and socks. Each participant was allowed to request PelliTec pads as the game progressed. The pads were fitted to the footwear by the Podiatrist present.

Started the trial using their own proprietary blister prevention pads but changed to PelliTec around half way through and was able to continue and complete the 50 hours.

Wore the product from the start on 1st metatarsal heads which remained blister free but went on to develop blisters on the apices of the 3rd toes after the twenty hour period. Pads were placed into the boots at the symptomatic places, the pain ceased and they were able to continue.

Reported pain under both metatarsal head areas at the thirty hour mark. On examination there was no evidence of blistering but tenderness was elicited on palpation of both 2nd metatarsal heads. Pads were placed in position and they were able to continue until the end and were symptom free.

Reported that, after blistering, they used the pads under both 1st metatarsal heads and found that they “took the rubbing feeling away and allowed me to carry on playing”

Found they were blistering during the 12 hour pre-challenge training sessions. They used the pads throughout the 50 hour challenge and suffered no blistering.

Began the challenge with PelliTec pads in a new pair of trainers. They reported that blisters were present but not in the areas where the pads were placed. They then went back to their old trainers, had no problems and was able to continue and complete the trial.

Had a history of blistering under both 1st metatarsal heads and used the PelliTec pads from the beginning of the trial. They suffered no blistering where the pads were placed but went on the develop blisters on the apices of the 2nd and 4th toes at around the 20 hour mark. The pads were placed in the appropriate areas and they reported being able to continue and complete the trial symptoms free.

No blisters formed during the trial.


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