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Blister prevention takes a step forward with <strong>PelliTec®</strong>

Looking for a better way to prevent blisters? PelliTec blister prevention pads are an advanced and innovative solution designed and patented in the UK.

PelliTec blister prevention pad

PelliTec pads are different. They have a cushioning top layer, and a gel interior which moves with the foot to reduce the friction that causes blisters. Distinctively, PelliTec pads stick to the inside of your footwear, not to your skin.

This has two huge benefits:

  • Products that stick to the skin need to be replaced every day or two, but PelliTec pads can remain effective in your footwear for several weeks – often even longer – and are easily replaced by a new pad when necessary.

  • PelliTec pads can be placed where needed in different items of footwear. Your walking boots rub your ankles, but your work shoes rub your heels, and your trainers rub the balls of your feet? Rather than stick something to your skin in all three places, you can simply put a PelliTec pad in the right place in each shoe.
The result is blister prevention that delivers greater comfort, greater convenience, and greater confidence.

The PelliTec pad’s 6 layers

PelliTec pads were first developed because we could not find a product that would effectively reduce friction and eliminate the risk of blisters forming.

Together with input from Podiatrists, our initial ‘sandwich’ prototype evolved to include state-of-the-art materials and become the unique 6-layer PelliTec pad available today.

Diagram showing the 6 layers of a PelliTec Blister Prevention pad
PelliTec blister prevention pad

PelliTec pads are easy to use

It’s easy to stop blisters with PelliTec pads. Simply remove the adhesive backing, place the pad in the desired location in clean, dry footwear, and press firmly into place. Our video shows how simple this is.

PelliTec pad in the heel of a shoe

PelliTec pads are proven

From walkers to runners, shop workers to soldiers, school kids to kickboxers, people put their trust in PelliTec pads to reduce the occurrence of blisters and help existing blisters heal.

Here’s what some of them have said…

Walking boots

Walking boots

“Bought these for my walking boots as I have problems on my right foot with blisters. The pad is really comfortable and has stuck fast in the boot. I haven’t had a blister since and it saves me having to put plasters on each time I go out. Would definitely recommend.”


Running shoes

Running shoes and trainers

“Over a number of years I suffered from severe blisters whilst running which severely hampered my performance and forced me to miss competitions. Since using PelliTec I have run with 100% comfort and not suffered a single blister.”

Mike W, athlete and coach

High-heel women's shoes

Women’s shoes

“I frequently suffered from blisters and tried PelliTec pads for eight hours each day over a five-day trial period. I noticed an immediate improvement in both feet and suffered no blisters. I will continue using the pads when at work.”


Men's shoes

Men’s shoes

“I suffer from blisters and tried PelliTec pads for 10 hours every day for 2 weeks. I noticed an improvement straight away and didn’t get any blisters. I will continue using PellTec pads in work and out.”


Children's shoes

Children’s shoes

“We purchased these for my daughter’s new school shoes which were causing blisters. They have now solved the problem which has helped a lot as she was in a lot of discomfort . Thank you.”


Football boots

Football boots

“I was suffering from painful blisters on my heels and toes which affected my performance. Since putting PelliTec pads in my boots I have been able to play without pain, and my blisters are fully healed.”


Military combat boots

Combat boots

“I have suffered with blisters throughout my military career and they are big problem when on tour. PelliTec pads are ideal to prevent blisters among new recruits whose feet are not used to the overload of work and more experienced soldiers on general exercise. I now use PelliTec as part of my everyday kit and would not be without them.”

Joseph J

Boxing shoes

Boxing and gym shoes

“I use PelliTec pads in my gym shoes and no longer feel pain from blisters during sparring or boxing.”

Ryan H

Futsal players

PelliTec and a Futsal World Record!

PelliTec pads played a part in a setting a new World Record for continuously playing Futsal (a 5-a-side version of football with a heavier ball) for an incredible 50 hours!
Find out more…

Guinness World Record Certificate badge

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PelliTec Blister Prevention pads are available in packs of 2 or 10, and come with FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses.

Pack of 2 PelliTec blister prevention pads

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