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About PelliTec®

PelliTec® is a novel blister prevention pad developed in the United Kingdom. The pad has been shown to be effective in reducing the occurrence of blisters and helping them heal. Product trials amongst walkers, athletes, sports players and military personnel have been very successful and a selection of the feedback is included in our Testimonials section.

Latest News

Tectores Named as latest MIA winner

Wirral-based Tectores has been named as the second monthly winner of the Merseyside Innovation Awards (MIA) for 2019. Since 1996, the awards have recognised and rewarded innovative companies and individuals in Merseyside who use creativity to fuel growth and profitability.

Deal Made

we have recently signed an agreement with Silipos® which will enable PelliTec® to be available through their worldwide distribution network. Silipos are one of the most trusted sources for innovative gel solutions in footcare.

Our History

Origins of PelliTec®

The concept behind PelliTec® was first developed because the inventors could not find an effective blister treatment amongst those available in High Street Chemists. They wanted a product which would reduce friction and eliminate the risk of blisters forming. This led them to develop the first prototype ‘sandwich’ which included layers which slide over each other thus reducing the friction which causes blisters. Over a number of years this prototype has been developed with Podiatrist input, to include state of the art materials which form the PelliTec® product now available.

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Why PelliTec® is so effective

Foot blisters are caused by skin rubbing against a static surface like the inside of a shoe, boot or trainer. This friction causes the skin layers to separate and fill with fluid. The unique and breathable sandwich construction of PelliTec® moves with your foot significantly reducing the friction which causes blisters. By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear and over the blister, the PelliTec® pad works to cushion and protect the affected area wicking away moisture thereby reducing pressure, pain and the risk of infection

The PelliTec® sandwich explained

PelliTec® Sandwich Diagram

The PelliTec® pads have been subject to extensive market research during their development and a patent application is pending

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How to use PelliTec®

Check out our demonstration video to see how to apply PelliTec® Blister Prevention Pads for them to work effectively.

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PelliTec® Testimonials

Hover mouse over each of our trialists to see what they think of PelliTec®

Ryan H

Professional Footballer

I was suffering from painful blisters on my heels and toes which affected my performance. Since putting PelliTec® pads in my boots I have been able to play without pain and my blisters are fully healed.

Mike W

Athlete and Coach

Over a number of years I suffered from severe blisters whilst running which severely hampered my performance and forced me to miss competitions. Since using PelliTec I have run with 100% comfort and not suffered a single blister.

Joseph J


I have suffered with blisters throughout my military career and they are big problem when on tour. The PelliTec® pads are ideal to prevent blisters amongst new recruits whose feet are not used to the overload of work and more experienced soldiers on general exercise. I now use PelliTec as part of my everyday kit and would not be without them.

Chris F

Soldier and Commando Trainer

I suffer from ‘hot spots’ on my heels which progress into blisters during prolonged walking. After using PelliTec® on a 15km march I didn’t feel any hot spots or have any signs of blisters forming. I have also used PelliTec® on my toes and again no blisters formed. The product dries out quickly after being damp and has always stayed in tact and in place in my boots. In my view PelliTec has the potential to alleviate the problems caused by blisters which have sometimes caused otherwise good recruits to fail their training just because of them.

Desmond F

ex Special Forces Soldier

I struggled to find an effective way to reduce friction which led to numerous large blisters following endurance marches. As a trial I first tried PelliTec® pads in only one shoe to see if there was any difference between my feet after a 15 mile run. The foot with the PelliTec® pad had no blisters whereas the foot with no pad was blistered. I then used PelliTec on marches over a 10 week period covering over 200 miles. I had no problems with blisters during this period which included cold, hot and humid weather conditions. The pads can be used in all kinds of footwear and located in all ‘hot spots’ where blisters may form. They are durable and tailor made for soldiers activities. I will continue to use them for all my endurance events as they give me confidence that my feet will be blister free.

Martine C

Retail Worker

I frequently suffer from blisters and used PelliTec® pads for eight hours each day over a five day trial period. I noticed an immediate improvement in both feet and suffered no blisters during the trial. I plan to continue using the pads during my time at work.

Ryan H

Kick Boxing Trainer

I place the PelliTec pads in my gym shoes and no longer feel pain from blisters during sparring or boxing.

Sean D

Boxer, WBC International Lightweight Champion

I have constantly endured extreme discomfort with blisters on the balls and sides of my feet. This has stopped me from training to my full potential due to the pain. I started using PelliTec® in preparation for a match and my blisters healed fully. I continue to wear the pads for all my training and matches and my feet are blister free. PelliTec has made a huge difference and I now would not risk training without them.

David W

Retail Worker

I suffer from blisters and used PelliTec® pads for ten hours every day over a two week trial. I noticed an improvement straight away and didn't get any blisters for the rest of 2 week trial. I will continue using PellTec pads in work and out.

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PelliTec® Product Trial

Futsal (5 a side version of football played with a heavier ball) tournament – 50 hours continuous play and a world record.

Eight participants with an age range 18 to 35 were recruited on a voluntary basis. All had a history of blistering, had played futsal previously and were allowed to wear their own style of footwear and socks. Each participant was allowed to request PelliTec® pads as the game progressed. The pads were fitted to the footwear by the Podiatrist present.

Started the trial using their own proprietary blister prevention pads but changed to PelliTec® around half way through and was able to continue and complete the 50 hours.

Wore the product from the start on 1st metatarsal heads which remained blister free but went on to develop blisters on the apices of the 3rd toes after the twenty hour period. Pads were placed into the boots at the symptomatic places, the pain ceased and they were able to continue.

Reported pain under both metatarsal head areas at the thirty hour mark. On examination there was no evidence of blistering but tenderness was elicited on palpation of both 2nd metatarsal heads. Pads were placed in position and they were able to continue until the end and were symptom free.

Reported that, after blistering, they used the pads under both 1st metatarsal heads and found that they “took the rubbing feeling away and allowed me to carry on playing”

Found they were blistering during the 12 hour pre-challenge training sessions. They used the pads throughout the 50 hour challenge and suffered no blistering.

Began the challenge with PelliTec® pads in a new pair of trainers. They reported that blisters were present but not in the areas where the pads were placed. They then went back to their old trainers, had no problems and was able to continue and complete the trial.

Had a history of blistering under both 1st metatarsal heads and used the PelliTec® pads from the beginning of the trial. They suffered no blistering where the pads were placed but went on the develop blisters on the apices of the 2nd and 4th toes at around the 20 hour mark. The pads were placed in the appropriate areas and they reported being able to continue and complete the trial symptoms free.

No blisters formed during the trial.

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