A team of North West entrepreneurs has designed and launched PelliTec®, a revolutionary Blister Prevention Pad. 

The circular pads, which stick to footwear not the skin, are aimed at outdoor and sports enthusiasts, runners, hikers and gym-goers. They are also suitable for shoppers who are experiencing discomfort from wearing new footwear as they provide relief from the pain and irritation of blisters. 

The inspiration for the new Blister Prevention Pad came from inside The Venture boxing gym in Birkenhead, in a bid to create a product that would enable athletes to continue training, despite suffering from blisters. The developers of the product also wanted it to reduce friction and eliminate the risk of blisters forming – making it suitable for both prevention and treatment.

Michael McColgan, Podiatrist and part of the PelliTec® development team on the Wirral, said: “We designed the product with the sports industry in mind and we have had great success so far, but we have now opened up availability to a more mainstream audience as blisters affect consumers unexpectedly and our product provides welcome relief.”

Tested on athletes including footballers at Tranmere Rovers, the pads can be used on all kinds of footwear, from trainers and hiking boots to sandals and high heels to speed up healing and reduce the occurrence of blisters. 

The team at PelliTec® worked with Fab Lab in Ellesmere Port, along with the University of Bolton, which led to the product being brought to the market. Global Podiatry equipment company, Algeos, based in Liverpool are working with PelliTec as a distributing partner.

PelliTec® was the regional winner of the monthly Merseyside Innovation Awards (MIA) in February 2019.