Handbag Essential for This Year’s Christmas Party Season

Christmas is the party season of the year. There’s practically a party every night of the week and women get the chance to wear their favourite dresses and debut their stunning new shoes.

But one thing is guaranteed to ruin a good night out and that’s the unwelcome pain of a blister thanks to your ‘beautiful to look at’ – yet painful – footwear.

But ladies – there’s no need to worry. The new PelliTec Blister Prevention Pad is a simple, effective pad that fits inside any shoe discreetly and not only protects against any unwanted blisters, but also allows existing blisters to heal without irritating them further.

If you know you suffer with ‘hotspots’ simply place the pad on the shoe by the effected area, or if being pre-cautious, take one in your handbag so that at the first tingle – you can stick one in your shoe – and carry on enjoying your night.

PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads are available in a two pack, costing £6.95 and are available on here: Pellitec.co.uk