Advice on staying Blister Free from Andrea Hunt, Podiatrist to Female Footballers

Pictured, Andrea Hunt from 381 Footcare.

Earlier in the year we spoke to Andrea Hunt, who said, “As a Podiatrist looking after professional female footballers, the majority of foot problems seen on a regular basis include blisters – predominantly on the toes, calluses, bleeding under toes nails, verrucas, sweaty feet, athlete’s foot and ingrowing toenails.

Blisters are by far the most common problem especially at the beginning of each season. The advice we give on treatment is to try and leave them intact as breaking the skin can cause more trauma and lead to infection. If they are in an area where there’s lots of pressure it’s a good idea to drain them with a sterile scalpel, dress and then redistribute the pressure with semi compressed felt.

Recently I have introduced some players of the Manchester United FC Women’s team to PelliTec to help prevent blisters and therefore having unnecessary treatment with risk of infection.”

Andrea went on to say, “We’ve also added PelliTec pads to the inner arch of an orthotic to prevent friction. The team members using them have found they work successfully in decreasing friction in the area and help to prevent blister formation.”

Learn more about Andrea at 381 Footcare.

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